Three Generations of Racing


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Sunset Speedway is now a Proud Partner with NASCAR



Wayfreight is a certified member of all available security and clearance programs available from both Canada and U.S.

Special thanks to Rick at WAYFREIGHT for over 10 YEARS of Support!!!!



Speedy Auto Machine has been preparing our motors at Tiemersma Motorsports since the beginning.

Thanks for the great, race-winning motors guys!


Condominium Insurance Solutions, a part of Benson Kearley, is going to be on the Hood of our 2017 Superstock! They take care of all your needs and we are happy to have them on board for the 2017 Season!

We would also like to thank Wix Filters for coming back on board with us for the 2017 Season!!




If you don't see yourself here and want to put your name on one of our cars, let us know through the contact section.